All-breeds Show of dogs (judge – Petru Munteanu, Romania).

Four females from kennel "from Dead Sea" have taken part in this Show: Chianti&Champagner&Chardonnay Piemonte from Dead Sea in the junior class and El Bulgarwill Alaska in the intermedia class.

The nomination "Best Junior" & J.CAC was won by Champagner from Dead Sea!

Chardonnay Piemonte from Dead Sea - excellent 2,

Chianti from Dead Sea - excellent 3,

El Bulgarwill Alaska - excellent 2.


All-breeds Show of dogs

Chianti from Dead Sea has taken part in the junior class and has won the nomination "Best Junior" and r.BIGjun!!! 

(Judge - Mirna Shibolet, judge BIG - Dr. Treynin).


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The article of Great Dane Club of Israel about the rings of Great Danes and BIS this exhibition
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All-breeds Show of dogs

Our females from litter C - Chianti from Dead Sea and Champagner from Dead Sea have taken part in the puppy class.

The nomination "Best Puppy" was won by Chianti from Dead Sea,

Champagner from Dead Sea - very promising 2, (judge - Dr. Rita Treynin).


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Specialty Show of Great Danes

Our little baby from litter C - Chianti from Dead Sea has became the winner in the nomination "Best Puppy".